Trump Means Never To Have To Say I’m Sorry…Or I Lost

Trump finally has completed his long-promised wall. Unfortunately, the wall is around the White House and not at our southern border. Only white republicans who are fighting the fake election are admitted.

In another development, the New York Daily News just published a pitcher illustrating that the only thing fake about the 2020 election is Rudy Giuliani’s hair color as America’s Mayor was sweating so profusely while railing against our new President that his hair dye was running down his face.

Not a face you want to show.

It is sad to see Rudy, who was so inspirational in the aftermath of 911, especially to New Yorkers. But let’s not forget. He really didn’t do much back then either.

Yeah, he was reassuring. He was calm at a time when the nation was on the brink of a meltdown.

But here are a few things he didn’t do:

He didn’t ground the nation’s airlines.

He didn’t order jet plane surveillance of the eastern seaboard. ( I remember waking up in East Quogue to the sound of those jets.)

He didn’t form the Department of Homeland Security.

There were a countless number of actions Rudy didn’t take and you know why?



Say what you want about George W. Bush, but he never proclaimed himself to be a wartime president and proceeded to the golf course.

Trump left it to the Governors to fend for themselves and then criticized the Democrats.

We are a mere nine months into this pandemic, and the death totals 251,756. This number is probably a little lower than reality as it is felt that there were quite of few who died at home or were misdiagnosed as to the cause of death in the early days of the outbreak.

Nevertheless, 251,756 is a staggering number that is growing every day.

To put this into perspective, the US lost 405,399 in the four years of World War II.

We are likely to reach this total unless something happens.

During the Great Depression (Herbert Hoover’s, not Trump’s), the 20th Amendment was proposed and ratified in January 1933. The amendment changed the inauguration date for the President and Vice President. This was done so that the time between the election and the assumption of power would be reduced.

The inauguration date used to be March 4th.

It has been called the Lame Duch Amendment.

I would welcome a lame duck as opposed to a recalcitrant loser who puts his own ambition and, perhaps freedom, ahead of the nation he has sworn to preserve and protect.

The Grand Old Party died in November 2016 when it sold its soul to a con artist and a bankrupt.

For so long many wondered what would happen if Trump had to deal with a real crisis.

Sadly, we have found out.

I hope it was worth whatever you saved in taxes and that it will get you through the next few months when our economy will take another hit. I will take a snapshot of my 401K because that’s not going to last too long either.

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1 Response to Trump Means Never To Have To Say I’m Sorry…Or I Lost

  1. PJ says:

    Your 401 k should have gone up 50% under Trump—if it didn’t, fire your broker! Which vaccine do you want,Trump #1–Trump #2. Or Trump. #3– decisions, decisions, decisions!

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