I started this blog to publish ideas and to give voice to some of my observations regarding life in twenty first century America. Born in the Bronx in 1950, I have witnessed a great deal of progress and regress as we struggle to live the Great American Dream.

I have been disillusioned by politics and politicians and see little in the way of statesmanship or leadership coming out of Washington. Then there is the Catholic Church. I continue to be a practicing Catholic but find it difficult to respect our Church leadership. I don’t want to be one who just trashes all institutions but we are having issues with many of the institutions that we previously respected.

I am also writing a book about my experiences growing up in the Bronx and I will publish passages from My Back Pages: A Real Bronx Tale, from time to time.


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  1. Joy Liotta Horvath says:

    I love you Jimmy Newell. Just finished “A Bronx Boy’s Tale”. It just got better and better. Then it was over, so I checked you out on the internet and found your blog. What fun!. A smart person online sharing his personal opinion on every controversial subject….Who would have thought!
    Anyway, I’m older than you by 2 years and younger than you by at least 10 yrs. Born in a NYC hospital, but lived in the Bronx.(210 west 262nd st). Moved to Glen Oaks in Queens in 1954-55 and everything changed.
    My son attends Mercy College, working towards his graduate degree as a Physicians Asst.. He lives in the Bronx…the “Morris Park” section. His roommate, Olcie, is from Albania, as are many of the folks in Morris Park now.. along with the Italians(my original people). I love Morris Park. Of course I don’t live there any more, but I’m so glad he’s having this experience. I’m the “go to” person for his foreign born friends, whenever they need an American explanation for whatever they are going through at that moment. (one friend, Gela, is from Georgia.in Russia). I really enjoy this new group of “friends”. Life holds so many great adventures for me.
    All is good. Today is the Students March on Washington. I am so excited.The rumblings feel like they did back when we were in our late teens..war protests, students for a democratic society, Woodstock , peace and love. It makes me feel that all is not lost. I believe in good people.
    Going to watch a little something good on TV today…the March.
    Enjoy the day. Keep blogging
    Joy Liotta Horvath

    • section6rowh says:

      OMG Joy have you made my day! I just came back from the supermarket as we are preparing for a visit from friends that used to be our neighbors in East Quogue. We are now living in Bradenton Florida and I am homesick for NY and the Bronx. Fortunately, two of our children still live in Woodlawn and we have been up four times since we moved down last January. Your terrific comment is the best review I have gotten and I am delighted you liked A Bronx Boy’s Tale. I am also glad you found my blog. I have slowed up a bit because I have found that I was getting too negative about our current state of affairs but I have to say these kids are an inspiration. I worked in higher education for over thirty years and we have heard so much about milennials and most often in a disparaging way. That was not my experience. I have come across some of the best “kids” you could imagine. My daughter got her MS from Mercy so I am sure your son will do well. That is a great degree and career to have today. I started a book consisting of some of my posts but have not decided to publish it or not. Also, my wife and I are writing a book together regarding our experiences living with cancer. Eileen had breast cancer eight years ago and I have a chronic form of leukemia and diagnosed 18 years ago. I think it is an encouraging story especially since we are both well. You made the mistake of contacting me and now I am “talking” your ear off 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I really did appreciate your kind comment. Keep in touch. Jimmy

    • section6rowh says:

      Hello again Joy, I wanted to let you know that my wife and I recently published a book about our fighting cancer, hers and mine. It is an uplifting story but with some sound advice especially from Eileen. Anyway, I thought you might be interested:

      Hope you are well.


  2. Joy Horvath says:

    Just found your responses to me Jimmy. Sorry it took me so long. Anyway I try to will check out your new book. My mom had cancer. not my best memories. I’m living every day positively for my myself and my children. I’ve decided to ignore my age. My brain has me going at a fast pace and I like keeping up!!!

  3. Joy Liotta Horvath says:

    Hello Guys, It’s been a while. Horrible 2020. Sorry I haven’t corresponded in a timely fashion. I now live in an Artists Loft building in Bridgeport Ct,; Lots of space, large windows, 12ft. ceilings, exposed mechanicals, concrete everywhere. I’m so happy here. Lots of new people to meet. The building was an upscale department store that opened in the 1920’s and closed in the early 80’s. It is now a building full of Artists of every description.
    Lost a few people this year , my lovely cousins and my beautiful Sister. It was a big shock to me.My friend lost her husband to Covid virus. So I live and learn and try to appreciate every day.I Live carefully because of covid….and have no time to waste…lots of projects to investigate. Hope all is well with you both. Keep positive .It’s a wonderful way to go thru life. The only way.

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