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Friday On My Mind

I love Fridays. I always had. Never have I ever wished that the work week or school week had even one more day to it.I always felt that by Friday, I had had enough. Thank God it’s Friday, indeed! But … Continue reading

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New York State Of Mine

I left New York nearly five years ago. The experience of leaving New York has taught me one thing. You can leave New York, but New York never, ever really leaves you. It was like that for The Bronx as … Continue reading

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Pardon Me If I’M Not Paying Attention

I have a daily subscription to the New York Times. It’s the print version, but I also have digital access. Newspapers aren’t cheap today, and Reading All The News That’s Fit To Print is pretty expensive, especially when I remember … Continue reading


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Nowhere to Hide On A Saturday Morning

As I opened my WordPress account this morning, the first thing I saw was that my last entry had three readers in China. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions that my blog was so great that even … Continue reading

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Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Afternoon Today is the first Tuesday of October. Old FM radio stations always referred to OCTOBER as ROCKTOBER. A clever promotion from their sales departments, I suppose. Of course, I always try to listen to the Moody Blues iconic … Continue reading

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