Dis-Information Age

I was working at a college when Y2K was the biggest fear we had.

It’s funny to think about that now, given what the last twenty years have been like.

In 1999 I was part of a team of administrators working on implementing a new comprehensive and integrated computer system. It was a disaster in the making.

I soon realized (when we couldn’t run any reports or get any information out of the system) that this was going to be known as the Age of Dis-Information.

How prophetic those words would become.

We are all on multiple grids and platforms from which we get our data and information and draw conclusions and make decisions. Nevermind that hackers are out there right now, even reading this blog, working vigorously at gaining an edge the truth.

Maybe they want access to the sites to which we have access?

Maybe they want our personal data or yours? Thinking they can get that when you read this.

I get a summary of where my blog is read. As you might guess, most readers come from the US. However, I do have a few UK and Ireland readers, family, and friends.

Invariably, I have a number from China though my Ukraine readership has declined.

Now it’s entirely possible that readers in these countries have a keen interest in what I have to write. Maybe they gain great insight into American life or culture?

Or, maybe, they are trying to rig me?

I am beginning to think that I did better in college and on the SATs than my academic records indicate. I definitely what an audit and a re-calibration of my GPA. Also, I must have certainly gone to Harvard, so I want the record to indicate that as well.

My next target to have audited is the scale at my doctor’s office.

Talk about scams!

The point is, we are all vulnerable to information manipulation. Between Deep Fake videos and pundits who refuse to consider fairness in reporting and just our inner desire to believe what we want to believe, it will be crucial for us all to separate fact from fiction.

Lying has never been easier when you can make up your name and post on any number of sites whatever you want to stir the pot.

Oh well, no more time to preach; I have to get onto Twitter and Reddit!

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