Normalcy v Normality

Warren G. Harding was the Republican nominee for the Presidential election of 1920. His campaign slogan promised a Return To Normalcy.

Many scoffed at the term, pointing out that “normality” was the proper term.

In any event, the slogan was successful as Americ did want to return to a time before World War I, and perhaps the Spanish Flu and Harding won the election.

Now Harding was not a great President, and he did bring us the Teapot Dome Scandal, which was only eclipsed in Presidential history by Watergate. There was also something about women secreted away in a closet in the White House. Still, perhaps the only accomplishment for Harding’s time in office was dying and allowing Calvin Coolidge to assume the office.

Here we are one hundred years later, and you can almost hear the ads proclaiming that our presidential candidates will bring us back to normalcy or normality or back from the brink of disaster.

Here I was all set for a new round of the Roaring Twenties with modern-day Flappers and bootlegged hooch, but instead, we have at least another six months or a year (some say two years) of sheltering in place.

The Florida governor willing to use me as a guinea pig for his theory that Covid has already peaked. He has chosen to ignore the President’s recent guidance as to when a state should open up (guidance, in all fairness, that the President himself seems to be ignoring). Nevertheless, I am going to continue to shelter in place.

So, yes, I am looking to return to normalcy or normality or a time when going to a Yankee game isn’t toxic to my health save the Blue Moon beers and the sausage and pepper sandwich.

It’s the little things that we miss during a pandemic.


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