Saturday Morning Musings

Here we are in lockdown despite the fact that Florida will be opening up again. How many Floridian canaries will venture into the coal mine of living in corona?

It’s a scary proposition one that we all hope will prove to be far less dangerous than it appears today.

Scarier (to me) than corona was what I saw on the news a couple of days ago regarding the armed assault on the Michigan Statehouse. Strapped with automatic weapons, armed protestors sought to work (shoot?) their way into the state legislature.

This is not a nation at war with an invisible enemy.

At a time when it appeared that we were getting the point that this virus does not distinguish between red and blue, north and south, or, despite early reports, young versus old, we now appear anxious to get back to our days of division and animosity.

The reality, however, is that we are all on the same page except for the timing.

I want professional basketball and hockey to complete their seasons and to have their playoffs.

I desperately want to see the New York Yankees play games at Yankee Stadium and hear Frank sing New York New York after every game.

I want to be able to re-schedule my trip to England and Ireland.

I want to be able to go to Disney World in September as we have planned.

I want to be able to visit my sisters and nieces and nephews in Stuart.

I want to be licked to the point of crying uncle when I see Scout and Rudy.

I want to have a nice dinner with my wife and kids.

I want to be able to go out to dinner and not have to worry about getting sick.

I want to see the New York Jets play and see if our new players will help us win.

I want to do all these things and more starting tomorrow, but that probably will not happen.

We all want to do these things or our own version of what life has to offer us and gives us pleasure.

Being locked up on lockdown is not fun when compared to what we are missing, but it may be the only thing we can do to ensure that we will once again get to enjoy our pleasures.

The Greatest Generation has been given this title because they endured the Great Depression and World War II.

We are now being challenged to see if we can approach their standing as a generation worthy of such a title.  This is not a time for drawing guns on our leaders, but it is a time for our leaders to unite all of us and to help us understand what needs to be done and what are the risks to be faced.

Going out to dinner and a movie used to be a nice date when it was safe to go to a restaurant and a crowded movie theater. It will be again, but we may just have to wait to make sure.

A small price for greatness, wouldn’t you say?

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