Go Back Where You Came From!

Is that the best Trump could come up with? I mean he could as well have said. “Fuck you and the horse you came in on.”

I am not sure what the statute of limitations is for “going back to where you came from” or how many years you or your family have to be here before you are no longer included in the group so directed.

I might be in trouble.

My mother came to this country in 1926, but she did not come through Ellis Island as immigrants of that time did. Instead, she came under a visitor’s visa, and she was supposed to go back to County Sligo.

I often think about what America was like for her when she first stepped off the boat. It was the Roaring Twenties after all. (Oh yeah that will be a topic next year.) She had two sisters and a brother already here, and she soon met my father, and there was no way in hell that she was going to use that return ticket.

We think this may have upset her brother back in Ireland, but the Irish are a tight-lipped people, and no one talked about such things.

The point is she wasn’t an immigrant, but we think she was what they called a Registered Alien. Even that is not a certainty.

Would she be considered an illegal if this happened today?

Would The ICE men be knocking on our door at 1261 Leland Avenue?

Or would they simply send a letter telling her to go back where she came from?

What’s next? Will this group of miscreants in government decide to edit Lady Liberty’s plea to the nations of the world “Send us your huddled masses…until we get sick of them”?

We are all children of immigrants, some of whom were not immediately welcomed into the melting pot of these United States. That is not an excuse to haze these new immigrants. Instead, it should be a warning that we remember to remember the lessons of the Good Samaritan.

Evangelicals? How do you look yourself in the mirror with what you have allowed?



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