The ICE Man Cometh

Thousands of immigrants were probably afraid to enjoy a Sunday stroll in the park or to go to the beach, or maybe go see the Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays.

ICE agents were ordered by the President to round up illegal immigrants and, given the way many have been treated at the border, I would have stayed inside too.

We should all be very scared.

This isn’t exactly what we all learned about truth, justice, and the American way.

It seems Lady Liberty can be accused of false advertising. When she proclaims to the countries of the world to send their huddled masses, was the jailing of men in cages what she had in mind? Was this the opportunity these people were looking for when they came to this country? Maybe she only wanted huddled masses from Norway?

Some of the targets of this  ICE age have children who proudly serve this nation in foreign wars, the like of which Trump avoided as a fat college student with bone spurs.

Look, I think many of us would agree that something has to be done to improve our borders. We don’t want criminals and rapists; we have much too much of them already, some are wealthy supporters of our leaders and maybe even in our government. But nothing has come out indicating anything to link these immigrants with any crime except not having the right card in their pocket.

When I lived on Long Island MS 13 was a significant concern and responsible for many deaths of high school kids. The Suffolk County police created a task force to address these crimes. I don’t remember ICE getting into the picture. It wasn’t viewed as much an immigration problem as a crime problem.

The Irish are drunks; the Italians are in organized crime; the Jews are corrupt money changers. Who else should we attack?

That’s why we should be scared.

Back when I taught American History and the topic was World War ll, I began my discussion on the Nazis stating that they were Christians and loved their families and celebrated Christmas. My students had a fit an immediately yelled at me. “Mr. Newell, you saw those movies. You saw how they tortured and killed six million Jews!”

“Yes,” I replied.”That is the point. Good people, who should have known better followed orders and committed those atrocities.”

Today, good people are putting up with Trump and the miscreants who want to make America white again.

That is what this attack on these immigrants is all about. That’s what the gun issue is all about, too. That is why there is no Republican with the moral courage to stand up to this nonsense.

This is what the Democrats should be addressing not sniping at each other.

We should be scared because the tide could turn in the blink of an eye. Maybe Democrats and liberals will be the new target of hatred and bigotry?

Being white in America may not be enough to protect you. If we continue to let purveyors of racial hatred spread their disease, being white will not protect us from the wrath of God.

To those with a sense of morality, there is no other choice than to resist the haters.

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