When Sharing’s Not A Good Thing.

I was teaching religion when religion education shied away from the Catechism of my youth to a more humanistic approach.

The standard of memorizing the answers to catechetical questions was replaced by a more new age approach. Loving and Caring and Sharing were the rote replies to the questions of the day and you only had to hear your students reply with a sarcastic sing-song retort to understand that the lesson hadn’t sunk in.

It’s not that loving and sharing and caring weren’t worthy ideals but that they seemed to be the answer to everything. How ironic that one of these standards has now fallen into disrepute. I am writing, of course, about sharing.

How many times have we found ourselves, as loyal Facebook users, sharing articles or surveys or any other type of information not our own? How many times have these postings resulted in passing propaganda that was not only false but was initiated by the Russians? I don’t have the answer to that but I am sure Facebook does.

How sad that this mainstay of social media has been allowed to be used in such a way. Of course, we are to blame. We allowed our biases to shape our sharing and to spread things that were not only false but, in many cases, mean-spirited and downright hateful if only because we felt self-righteous in our own beliefs because the article proved our point.

Trump is a bigot. Hillary hates white people.

It has gotten to the point that I no longer believe anything I read on Facebook unless it is something about the New York Yankees.

That is why I have taken the pledge and I no longer will share any article about anything.  I am even going to resist commenting on any post unless it is positive and one of my real friends has initiated the post.

Twitter is even worse and I have taken to blocking tweets from people filled with hate.

The good news about social media is that we do control the information we read. Like other forms of media, we can just “turn the channel” or, in the more modern form, delete the post, and move on to something more entertaining.

I am guessing some of you, if you haven’t already, will delete me from your Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Good for you!

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