How ‘Bout Those Millennials!

Working in higher education for the last thirty years or so I attended many conferences and workshops. It was common that there would be at least one session at these events would be dedicated to dealing with millennials.

How do millennials think? How do you communicate with millennials?

It was also common that these discussions would serve as a gripe session where participants would share their favorite millennial anecdote.

Having three millennial children, all of whom I loved and liked, I never quite understood the sentiments expressed. Now, their parents were a pain in the ass but the students were usually a pleasure to deal with.

Of course, I was not without my own sarcastic observation particularly when it came to the resume of community service activities that, in my estimation, had the primary objective of getting the student into a competitive college.  Mea Culpa.

This past Saturday we saw thousands of millennials parade through major thoroughfares of major cities, not just in the US. They marched, not for the sole reason of getting into a good college, but rather, simply to survive high school.

How can you argue with that?

How can you be critical of these heroes?

Many had seen classmates and teachers torn to shreds by guns too sacred for the NRA and their supporters to surrender. Yet, you had those who mocked their effort to defeat the gun lobby. I won’t repeat the nasty things said about these heroes.

I understand these people. They hate government. They hate what government does. They hated Obama because he was a socialist. He let Wall Street get away with the greatest theft in American financial history and he’s a socialist? Sorry, I digress.

The gun lobby is afraid that their guns are going to be taken away. Even as the Democrats cower at that thought and refuse to even utter anything stronger than “We’re not going to take your guns”, the gun lobby won’t give in an inch. They refuse to allow even the most basic regulation.

But, the millennials are not going away.

Thanks be to God.

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