The Ideas Of March

Anytime you have to explain a joke it’s probably not that funny in the first place. Nevertheless, I feel I have to explain the title of this entry lest you think I cannot spell.

Today, of course, is the Ides of March and I am writing a piece on some ideas I have had. You get it now? The Ideas Of March.

Perhaps I should have quit while I was ahead?

Well, maybe you should quit reading this while you are ahead?

Here are some ideas I have had in no apparent order of importance or pithiness.


Politicians should be like NASCAR drivers and wear suits containing the logos of companies and entities that finance their activities.

Baseball is about reliving your youth with your kids right next to you. You certainly don’t want to speed that experience up. The longer the game, the greater the enjoyment.

Cheating baseball players are more reviled than cheating political leaders.

There’s nothing easier than being a loyal friend.

You have to be wherever you are.

Listening should be taught in college.

It’s good to remember yesterday but don’t let it get in the way of tomorrow.

Fathers should listen to their daughters and sons should listen to their mother.

Social Media should require social behavior.

What’s the good of having opinions if I have to keep them to myself?


Well, that’s my ideas for the Ides Of March.

The good news is Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.




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