The Kids Are All Right

There is a movement.  High school students in Parkland, Florida will be marching on Washington.

They are not protesting the two wars in the middle east. Nor are they protesting the meddling in our democracy by the Russians.

They are, instead, calling out our leaders to put an end to the war in our schools.

These brave students are tired of going to school in fear.

They are tired of being caught between the NRA and a hard place.

They are tired of being targets.

I learned very early in my development as a parent that it is always a good idea to listen to your kids. It’s time for America to listen and to heed what our children are saying.

Instead of paying attention to incessant tweets and pointing fingers at the “enemy”, how about we listen to our children when they are begging for our protection?

Is that too hard for us to do?

Is it more important to pay attention to gun runners and those that seek to protect them than saving our kids?

It’s ironic that only the FBI is taking any kind of responsibility and, because of that, they want Wray’s head.

No one is looking at the guy who sold this kid a gun.

No one is looking at the governor who supports guns in the hands of everybody.

No one is even looking at the lunatics who want to arm our teachers as if shooting this deranged kid with an assault rifle is the answer.

How about we never let anyone buy an assault rifle in the first place?

Well, that may not be the answer but it sure is a good start.

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