Law And Order Come To The Bronx

When The G Man and The Judge bring Law and Order to Yankee Stadium peace and love will reign in The Bronx.

Not since the M&M Boys of the 1960’s has the prospect of Opening Day at Yankee Stadium been so anticipated. Will Stanton or Judge be the first to homer on Opening Day? Will they go back to back for the first time?

As we approach the first spring training day all Yankee fans will be asking these questions and many more. It’s like Christmas Eve all over again just thinking about what will be.

Then you start thinking about all the other participants waiting to do their party.

Sanchez and Gregorious.

Hicks and Bird.

Oh My!

Not to forget Gardner and Frazier as well as the rookies who may surprise.

And, I wouldn’t write off Ellsbury just yet.

This may well be our Booneified return to the World Series and maybe a run at the 1998 record for most wins in a complete season.

Happy New Year everyone.

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