Don’t Stand…Don’t Stand…Don’t Stand So Close To Trump.

It’s getting a little lonely in the Oval Office.

How many more of the President’s closest advisors will resign in the next few weeks?

It’s getting so Trump is like Reg in the Great Outdoors. For those who may not remember, Reg got struck by lightning 66 times. Like Reg, no one wants to stand near Trump anymore, lest they die!

And of course, despite all the scandals and pending catastrophes looming over Donnie’s head, he continues to tweet. His staff is so desperate that they have hidden his iPhone and replaced it with a Walkman and headphones along with a cassette tape containing his favorite top ten songs.

Here they are:


Number 10:            I Fought The Law And The Law Won

Number 9:              In Some Secluded Rendezvous

Number 8:              There She Is Miss America

Number 7:              Stranger In Moscow

Number 6:              Theme Song: From Russia With Love

Number 5:              A Town Without Pity

Number 4:              This I Swear Is True

Number 3:              Back In The USSR

Number 2:              Help


Number 1:             Stormy


The easy listening list for Presidents with a lot on their mind.


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