Powerless In East Quogue

This entry was written during Hurricane Irene back in 2011. Not much has changed.


Whether she was a hurricane or a tropical storm, Irene sapped our energy and left us in the 19th century. No lights, no TV, no internet. What’s a boy to do, blog on paper? Well, that’s what I am doing, a pre-Gutenberg blogger listening to my transistor radio as I pen this entry of the Newell Post.

We’re being told that it could be Friday before we see the light of night. I hope my batteries last. Ironically, the aftermath of Irene is the perfect metaphor for the American Citizen in the 21st Century.

For powerless is our condition after our political parties have ravaged us. We matter not one bit to our politicians. While the Democrats and Republicans fiddled about the debt ceiling, the American economy was left to burn. Unemployment continued to rise as our infrastructure continued to crumble. The Washington Monument isn’t the only thing cracked in Washington.

So, how do we get these people to pay attention to us? The Supreme Court is no help as they have sided with the rich by giving them more ‘free’ speech than we ever could afford. The average citizen can’t get the ear of a politician whose daily activity includes selling his/her soul to the highest contributor.

So what’s the answer?

I think we have to flood DC with emails and snail mail and demand an investigation as to where our government has gone? Say what you want about the NY and NJ governors and Mayor Bloomberg but they did act and respond to a major threat this weekend. Washington would still be debating whether it was a hurricane or a tropical storm.

Since they couldn’t tax it, bail it out, or provide a loophole, they had no plan to deal with it. While we do get taxed, the average citizen receives no bail out and cannot evade the wrath of the IRS through a loop hole because we have no juice. We remain as powerless as we were before Irene came ashore but at least now we can’t watch CSPAN.


















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