Me And My DNA

No it’s not what you think! And, by the way, that’s disgusting!

I just got my results from AncestryDNA and I have come to the conclusion that we should demand a DNA test for any candidate for public office. Much more revealing than a doctored tax return and the candidate might be enlightened by the process.

I was.

For the most part, my results were not unexpected.

My ethnicity estimate was as follows:

77% Ireland

21% Great Britain

2% Other Regions.

It’s this last category that I found the most fascinating.

Of the 2%, less than 2% represented Scandinavia. Considering the Vikings pillaged and settled in Ireland, I was not surprised at this result.

However, less than 1% (but it is there nonetheless), represents South Asia. AncestryDNA provides a map highlighting the relevant regions and South Asia includes Pakistan, India,   Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. I never saw that coming.

Of course, it should not have surprised me as we all know where human life originated and, much as I hate to admit it, it didn’t all start on Leland Avenue in the Bronx.

This experience has given me a global outlook to life that I have to admit I had resisted. I mean, I’m having a hard enough time to deal with Floridians and now I have a whole new world of potential family members to learn about. It’s making me appreciate the Floridians as they, too, might be in my DNA soup.

And, of course, if we go back far enough, you and I are related.

Is that Melanie singing Beautiful People in the background?



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