Forrest Trump

I love Forrest Gump! It’s a great movie. Tom Hanks is a terrific actor and the story is so compelling and includes a nice taste of historic irony to make it amusing. The one problem I have with the movie is that I am sick to death of it. It’s on television at least once a week. I think AMC must only own two movies, Forrest Gump and The Green Mile! I hate them both.

I mean, you can’t put these movies on television all the time. Even the Wizard of Oz is only on once a year, although I do seem to see it  more often since CBS no longer airs it. I think TBS puts it on when they get sick of airing their ten episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

Too much of anything is good for nothing.

Those dire words were uttered by my mother nearly every day usually in relation to mashed potatoes but they are useful to consider when it comes to movies that used to be classic and have morphed into the hackneyed.

Then there’s Donald Trump.

Do you remember the time when seeing Donald on television made you stop what you were doing so that you could pay attention to every word he had to say?  It used to be hysterical! He would poke fun at Jeb Bush and ask him to check his pulse. He would call Ted Cruz “Lyin” Ted Cruz. It was fantastic.

Then there were the Mexicans! My God what was he going to say next? And exactly how was he going to get Mexico to pay for that wall?

It was one train  wreck after another.

And that became the problem.

If you remember Gomez Addams playing with his trains, we were always delighted with his train wrecks because they were always a surprise and never repeated more than once or twice. And, The Addams Family was only on once a week.

Donald’s train wrecks have become an every day event on every channel. The funny thing is he has everyone scratching his head and still they watch.

I mean how does the leader in the Republican Presidential campaign piss FOX News off? Even Megan Kelly can’t stop talking about him.

But enough has become enough.

I liked Forrest Gump the first ten times it was on television but eventually the magic of the film wore thin. So, too, Forrest Trump has gotten boring.

For no other reason, Forrest Trump cannot be our next President. I can’t look at him anymore! I can’t listen to him anymore. I’m hoping people won’t vote for him anymore.

It is no longer enjoyable to watch Forrest Trump. It is very uncomfortable. In fact, it’s even more uncomfortable than watching Hillary talk about her email account with a Yankee cap on her head.

But, just like the never ending airing of Forrest Gump, Forrest Trump is destined to continue to dominate the airwaves.

What’s next “Big Trump Is Watching YOU?”

Mother of mercy!

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