What Would Jesus Tweet?

It’s that time of year when I return to one of the rituals of my youth. Listening to Jesus Christ Superstar during Holy Week was one way I attempted to get into the spirit of the Paschal Mystery. This may be foreign territory to my non-Catholic readers so I will explain. Matthew’s gospel contains a section entitled The Passion Of Our Lord which details the final days of Jesus. Beginning with the Last Supper and ending with the Crucifixion, the Passion is required reading during the sacred time of Holy Week.

Listening to Jesus Christ Superstar, a rock opera that more or less follows the same trajectory of Christ’s last day without the Divine significance believers attribute to the events, may seem like a crass, if not heretical way of observing the Passion. And, it would be were it not for the fact that I do read Matthew’s account for the more traditional analysis.

While listening to the rock opera guilt free this morning on my way into work, I thought about the admonition that Judas made concerning Jesus’ decision not to come at a time of mass communication. Now, back in the 1970’s when Jesus Christ Superstar was written and performed on stage, the term mass communication really meant television and, to a lesser extent, radio. There was no internet; there was no Facebook; there was no Twitter, Snapchat or Linkedin.

Nevertheless, following Judas’ lead (which is not always advisable), I asked, What Would Jesus  Tweet?

I don’t tweet so often. I rarely have gotten into a conversation with anyone although I have replied to a couple of people. But the stories I hear about other people lead me to believe that Jesus would have taken it slow. Of course, he would have wanted everyone to follow Him, after all he said that constantly in the New Testament. But I am not so sure he would have wanted to follow too many people after He got a look at some of their tweets.

I think Pope Francis would be a definite. He is forever tweeting the very things we would expect Jesus to tweet. I do think, however, Jesus would have let the wall building bridge building thing pass or would He?

As I think about it, Jesus probably would have taken all the haters on although being limited to one hundred and forty characters would have been a challenge.

Jesus had no tolerance for those who misused religion for their own gain. Just remember that scene in the Temple when he let those making it a den of thieves have it. I am guessing He would have the same reaction to those using religion to kill.

I do wonder what His reaction to my tweets would have been? Even if they were not of the type to inspire racial, ethnic, or political hatred, tweets that were unkind or mean spirited might result in the same disappointment for Jesus.

I am going to think about the next time I tweet or post.

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