#Scrooge McTrump

I am in the middle of my annual read of Charles Dickens’ masterpiece A Christmas Carol.

I always included this in my “Transformation” lecture when I was a teacher. I gave it this time of year to illustrate the transformative nature of Christmas. We see transformation as a common theme in most of the Christmas stories that we all grew up with and handed down to our children.

George Bailey, Charlie Brown, Rudolph are just a few of the characters that witness Christ’s transformative gift to mankind. Sorry, I am not PC and used Christ and mankind in the same sentence. Also, I should point out, I am using the archaic meaning of transformation and not the one hijacked by Caitlin.

Anyway, the characters listed above go through their own realization as to what is important in life and learn the true meaning of Christmas. It is, after all, the ultimate inclusion tale.

One of the variations of A Christmas Carol that I used to love to read as a kid was the comic book version of A Disney Christmas Carol. When I was about ten a very dear friend, Carol gave me a treasure trove of comics and it included this comic book. I wish I still had it.

To those of you who are familiar with this rendition, Scrooge McDuck is the main character and is subjected to the ghostly visitations that change the course of his life. On the train this morning I was musing that perhaps Donald Trump might have the same experience. Who else needs a radical transformation more than The Donald?

Scrooge McTrump would be met by the apparitions of Presidential candidates who were victimized by their own folly.

The first  Ghost of Past Elections was a Romney but not the one you think. It was 1968 and George Romney proclaimed he was “brainwashed” and quickly changed his view of the Viet Nam War. He never came back from that.

Then  of course there was the Ghost of more recent past as portrayed by George Bush I and his proclamation about no new tax hike “Read My Lips”.

Finally, the Ghost of President Worst To Come sticks his bony hands out of his dark shawl giving the V for victory sign proclaiming “I am not a crook!”

Well, after all this dire political misery our hero McTrup is left in a heap grabbing on to his bank statement yelling out “IVANNA IVANNA”.

But McTrump is soon in control of his senses as the television in his bedroom lights up and Megyn Kelly reports that The Donald has withdrawn from the presidential race and is joining the Peace Corps.

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2 Responses to #Scrooge McTrump

  1. James J. Rooney says:

    i think monica and bill should have made the cut,just for balance

    Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 18:58:43 +0000 To: jrooneyjr@hotmail.com

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