A Yankee Credo

I Believe

I believe in The New York Yankees, Champions of Heaven and Earth

I believe in Derek Jeter, our fallen son, The Clutch Hitter Almighty

I Believe in Mariano, Saver of All Time

I Believe In AROD, but I don’t know why.

I Believe in Cano, Doncha Know, who has been dead for Three Days but will Rise in The Motor City.

I Believe in Andy, who has Testified and been reborn.

I Believe in Granderson, the Grandy Man Can’t, who never saw a baseball he couldn’t swing at and miss.

I Believe in Swisher, the soon to be former Yankee, who Swishes when he hits and when he fails to catch.

I Believe, I really do Believe, The Tiger shall be tamed and the New York Yankees will remain Victorious for ever and ever.


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