The Jury’s Still Out

I love cliches. They’re so pithy and there’s nothing quite like pith when all is said and done. Some cliches sound like Yogiisms which may make us smile or groan but we, nevertheless, get the point of the statement which doesn’t always happen during Presidential debates.

The Jury’s still out. What a great cliche that is! It not only gets to the heart of the matter but instantly we have a mental image of a courtroom with an empty jury box and an anxious defendant and a courtroom full of people awaiting The Verdict. My mind actually creates the jury room in Twelve Angry Men. During the recent Obama-Romney debate I envisioned Henry Fonda urging me to not jump to conclusions, to examine the evidence, to be patient enough to allow the truth to will out.

It’s hard to ignore Henry when he is forceful. Even the cynical Jack Warden, with whom I can really sympathize because he is in a rush to go to a Yankee game, or Lee J. Cobb, the angriest of the Angry Men, cannot convince me that Obama is guilty of doing nothing for the last four years. It is because of this that, in my mind, The Jury Is Still Out. The trouble is Judgement Day is nigh.

My biggest disappointment with Obama is something Romney pointed out during the first debate. Instead of focusing on health care reform, Obama should have been doing more to create jobs and get the country back on its economic feet. I felt that if you get people back to work health insurance for these people would follow. I understood the situation, the historic alignment of Congress in the President’s favor. Obama had the votes to do something that hadn’t been done before and he chose to use this opportunity to create his legacy right out of the chute. Whether he was correct to do this cannot be determined yet. The Jury Is Still Out.

The trouble with undertakings as monumental as trying to fix health care is that these things take time. Obama’s attempting to deal with an issue that Presidents have been dodging for years. How often have we heard that Social Security is the third rail of politics? You touch it and you die. The same is true about Medicare and Medicaid. But it’s time that someone deal with them and Obama did just that and it may cost him re-election but maybe it shouldn’t?

Maybe we all have to come to the realization that important matters cannot be solved over night. Maybe we have to give these things some time? Maybe our ADHD inflicted society must just have a little patience and hope? Just maybe Obama was right. Maybe Obamacare will save Medicare and Medicaid and reform health care. The Jury may still be out but Henry Fonda has convinced me to be patient and to look at the evidence one more time. The Jury may be changing in favor of Obama.

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