Woke Me When It’s Over

Politicians usually sound stupid to me, but never more so when they use “WOKE” in every sentence while attacking liberals as they adroitly avoid actually speaking about a policy that will make America great AGAIN!

God Almighty, must we relive that torture again!!!

Even Tucker passionately hated the PMURT administration.

I hear they are starting an old-time radio show down here in Florida on NPR, of all places. Yes, Lake WOKE-BEGONE will fill the airwaves with pithy stories about life before Brown v The Board of Education and other wokenesses from our ancient past.

The funny thing is I have a sneaky suspicion that I am woke, and I don’t even know what the damn word means.

Every time I hear the word, I drift back to the 60s, and deep within the recesses of my mind Jim Morrison is singing:

“When I WOKE up this morning I got myself a beer.”

Now that’s WOKE.

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1 Response to Woke Me When It’s Over

  1. Eileen Newell says:

    You are a sick bastard

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