Dog Days Without A Dog

I am listening to Sirius XM as I type this here amid the Dog Days Of August, which gets its notoriety from the astrological world.

We are, in fact, in the dog days, not because it’s hot or the summer is getting long, but because of the rising of the star system Sirius, AKA The Dog Star.

Hot, sultry weather accompanies the arrival of Sirius, so the image of a hot, panting dog creates the imagery we have come to love.

It’s also a reminder that dog days will soon be replaced by snow days…well, not in Florida.

Nevertheless, signs of autumn have arrived in the Sunshine State. In addition to politicians talking smack, Halloween regalia have appeared in department stores. We are a month away from Labor Day, which is a month away from Columbus Day, which is three weeks away from Halloween, yet, it’s not too early to think about Halloween.

Well, I am sorry to object, but it is a wee bit too early to think about Halloween.

But you know we will soon see Pumpkin Latte and all sorts of autumnal beverages, including my favorite, Pumpkin Ale, in our shops and supermarkets.

Time flies after the Fourth of July.

Classic Vinyl Saturday.

As I listen to classic rock on Sirius, I am planning to pull a few of the old vinyls out of the box and spin a few old songs of my own.

I am not much of a fan of current pop music, which doesn’t help the cause at Trivia. Fortunately, our game rarely includes current trends in music.

So, I have selected Led Zeppelin’s first album, Revolver by the Beatles, and A Question Of Balance by the Moody Blues.

It’s not just about the music, of course. No, it’s more about the era it represents and, more importantly, who I was in that era.

I like to think that I am the same person I was fifty years ago, pounds, wrinkles, and a few distorted memories to the contrary.

Anyway, time to get the old music out and the new Halloween candy in.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

Peace and Love are all around us.

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2 Responses to Dog Days Without A Dog

  1. Pj says:

    No humidity out east—wish you were here, I got beer!

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