Everything Old Is New Again…If Only

When we were moving to Florida in January 2017, we went on a minimalist purge of our possessions. Of course, it was a temporary phenomenon as we would soon be on a consumer orgy of re-acquiring different versions of what we had so recently discarded.

Now, to be sure. We did throw out quite a bit. I finally gave up holding on to my notebooks and textbooks from law school even though I was planning to re-read them all someday.

But we did re-purpose (I’m using a lot of hyphens today.) much of what we owned.

We gave furniture away as well as tools and Christmas decorations. Housewares too numerous to mention since I forgot what we had and gave away.

But my record albums were the most cherished items I let go of.

I let my children sift through my collection, and they sorted through my items, if not by drawing lots, at least by identifying the classics.

My son Bryan was very interested not only in the vinyl lp experience versus the CD, but he also liked the music contained in my collection.

Beatles, Stones, Byrds, Dylan, CSNY, and a plethora of classic late 60s and early 70s music. All of them classics in their own right.

I often thought that listening today to a Beatles album or Stones from 1968 was something I took for granted. But I then think back to 1968 and ask, would I be listening to music produced in 1914?

Naturally, I have practiced good old-fashioned American consumerism and re-purchased (damn another hyphen) all the music I previously owned on vinyl. The newest versions came from iTunes, which actually replaced a previous iteration on CD.

Nevertheless, the sound of vinyl on an old stereo with bookshelf speakers cannot be compared with listening to music on a Bose player or external speaker. It sounds ok, but there is no separation at all. It was fun hearing John on one speaker being backed up by Paul and George on the other.

Oh well, progress.

Bryan has relocated from Arizona (thanks be to God) to Florida (one) and spent a few weeks with us in Bradenton. He had a fair amount of his possessions, including all the vinyl records I gave him. When he left, he suggested that I buy a record player to play my old music, which I have done.

The first album I played was Blind Faith because it was such a great one, and it was the first I grabbed from my old record holder.

Now, the Victrola I bought could never be mistaken for my Sansui 100 Watt receiver with a BIC turntable hooked up to a couple of Advent speakers, but, Blind Faith sounded pretty damn good.

I then went to eBay to shop for new old vinyl.

They must be laced with gold.

Whereas I used to get three albums at EJ Korvette’s for ten dollars, Dark Side of The Moon was going for $29.

It just goes to show you, Everything Old Costs a Hell of A Lot More Today.

Happy Saturday Everybody!

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