May The Fourth???

I saw Star Wars in the summer of 1977.

I thought it was a good movie. Lots of action. Nice special effects, especially when they went to hyperdrive or warp speed, whatever they called it. And blowing up the Death Star was exciting.

I didn’t, however, think it was excellent science fiction.

It was basically a western or war movie in space. Even the starships looked like WWII destroyers or battleships rather than flying saucers.

Still, it was a great movie that begot others in its lineage.

But on this holiest of holidays in Star Wars Universe, I thought I would recommend some really excellent science fiction novels and/or movies.

2001 A Space Odyssey

The Adventures Of Superman (It’s just my favorite all-time TV show.)

The Time Machine

Fahrenheit 451

The Illustrated Man

The Andromeda Strain

Forbidden Planet

The Lathe Of Heaven

Star Trek (The Original Series)

Doctor Who

This Island Earth

The Day The Earth Stood Still

When Worlds Collide

It Came From Outer Space

World Without End

The last five on the list are typical 1950s vintage science fiction, but they each have a good storyline even if the special effects are slightly lacking.

It is the storyline for all of the above that separates them from Star Wars. Where Star Wars had no relationship or lesson for Planet Earth, the list I have selected all have Earth-born characters or actually take place on Earth.

Other Sci-Fi that, to my knowledge, have not been portrayed on film are:

Childhoods End. Arthur C. Clarke

The Foundation Series Isaac Asimov

Out of the Silent Planet (and companions to his trilogy.) C.S. Lewis

The Ender Series Orson Scott Card

Obviously, like my music lists, it is all a matter of taste.

I would be interested in hearing what your favorite science fiction stories/movies are.

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2 Responses to May The Fourth???

  1. Lou Fabrizio says:

    I never realized that you had such an interest in Science Fiction. I do too. I also was surprised to see you listing Orson Scott Card. He lives in Greensboro, NC and I have seen him in person several times over the years. He is a great presenter and fun to see. I also have a signed copy of Ender’s Game that he signed on one of those visits. Take care!

    • section6rowh says:

      My son Bryan gave me Ender’s Game and I loved it and read the others. After writing this entry I went on Amazon and saw there was one more. So I have that to read this summer. Hope all is well. We’ll be going up to NY in mid-June.

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