Taking A Chill

Chill is such a wonderful word, especially if you live in Florida. You soon get to appreciate a good chill, you know, like when the temperature in your pool is 84 degrees?

I guess chills are relative after all.

I am sure we have all emailed something we wish we could have taken back but we hit that send button just a little too quickly, I certainly have. Better to write the email to get whatever snit you’re in off your chest, count to ten or longer, and delete the better-off-not-sent missive from your computer. It probably will result in less grief for you in the long run.

I have written several blog posts only to do the same. Rather than share my wrath with the universe, I thought the better of it and deleted it.

It seems I am writing more about delete than chill but in a way that’s exactly what taking a chill is all about. Delete the moment you are in when you need to chill.

I took a chill just as I started typing this blog.

The Yankees lost last night and I was mad at baseball. I started thinking (unintentionally) of all the things that upset me relative to watching major league baseball.

You see? Taking a chill works. After I typed that last sentence I had a sip of coffee and decided not to tell you what irritates me about baseball. Why should I ruin your day by encouraging you to get angry at baseball?

My daughter helps me take a chill or rather she has taught me the value of taking a chill.

At her suggestion, I took an online course on Mindfulness.

I know that sounds like a lot of New Age hokum but I happen to like New Age music and the like and I have always been a big fan of hokum.

In a crude way, I describe Mindfulness as being in the moment, of stepping out of yourself for a second and seeing and feeling who you are. Simply put, Mindfulness is taking a chill.

I used to be able to realize when I was dreaming. In my dream, I saw myself becoming aware that I was in a dream. Sometimes, I got out of my dream and woke up. They weren’t necessarily nightmares just dreams.

This year of COVID has at times seemed like a dream I would like to escape but it hasn’t worked for me as yet.

Taking a chill is the next best remedy I have come upon.

Step out, observe, delete the negativity, move on.



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