Saturday Morning Rant In COVID America

It seems like yesterday, or maybe, twenty years ago. In early March, there were reports that the President was going to close down the country due to the Carona virus.

Many people panicked.

Some went on panic shopping sprees.

I didn’t.

To be sure, I did do some Carona shopping. However, unlike many of the paranoid co-shoppers who joined me in Publix that day, I skipped the toilet paper aisle, the hand sanitizer aisle, and the antibacterial soap aisle.

Instead, I headed straight for the pot roast.

Having selected an appropriate side of beef, I then went through the supermarket to obtain food items that you could either store or freeze. We have all been through this before.

Whether anticipating a hurricane or a blizzard, Americans, the greatest consumers, you might say, perfect consumers, are always at the ready to buy and hoard whenever the hint of armageddon is predicted.

Well, the president never did shut down the country, and by the time Florida put us on lockdown, supermarkets and pharmacies were excluded.

Toilet paper and water were the big sellers during the early days of the crisis. Having scoffed at the notion of buying toilet paper that first corona shopping day, I got a little nervous when we got down to eighteen rolls in our vault. So, I did what every sane person would do in my situation; I bought twenty rolls from China. I didn’t necessarily know I was buying Chinese toilet paper until Amazon informed me that my order was on a slow boat from China.

I got the delivery in June.

Fortunately, we never ran out, and that’s what’s great about America.

I bet Putin had a hard time dealing with the TP crisis of 2020.

It seems that, in addition to toilet paper and hand sanitizer, stores had a hard time keeping guns on their shelves.

Gun sales rose throughout the pandemic. Approximately two million guns have been sold.

I could see why hydroxychloroquine, flashlight-suppositories, and bleach syringes might be big sellers, but what did people think when they bought that gun? Are you going to shoot the little buggers invading your body?

Of course, we all go a little mental during a pandemic.

Some people buy toilet paper.

I bought a pot roast.

I am making a big deal about this pot roast only because today is the big day. Yes, the pot roast is out of the freezer, soon to be deposited in a worthy pot for roasting.

You might think that it may be a little hot for comfort food of this variety. However, there appears to be a cold front heading to Bradenton, and the temperature for 6PM is predicted to be 86 degrees with a 40% chance of rain.

Now, I have to Google a suitable wine that pairs with pot roast.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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2 Responses to Saturday Morning Rant In COVID America


    so what was your wine pairing?

    • section6rowh says:

      Despite the large selections of wines available at the local adult beverage purveyors here in Bradenton, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining Bali Hai or Ripple, two vintages that would be superb with pot roast. Instead, probably a Josh CabSav will do:) Hope all is well.

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