Technology And Culture

Back when I was studying history, I was interested in the idea of technology and culture. It was stated that our relation with and reaction to technology was both ambivalent and ambiguous.

I remember reading several dystopian novels and citing movies from the early 50s that demonstrated these concepts. You only had to watch Godzilla and Rodan to know that Japanese filmmakers were making their statements against nuclear technology.

Who could blame them?

Even more recently, many of my generation decry the obsession that young people have with their smartphone and video games. Ironically we share this observation in texts and posts and tweets.

The truth is my relation to technology has evolved as recent events have enlightened me in my moment of solitude in Bradenton.

Whether it is with friends down here five or ten miles away or family hundreds or a thousand miles away, technology is helping me stay connected that would have been impossible back when I was studying history.

My appreciation of technology is no longer ambivalent or ambiguous.

Technology is keeping me sane in a crazy world.

In addition to keeping in touch with my children via phone, we text numerous times during the day. It’s kind of a long-distance pulse-taking. We also use Zoom Meeting to have a video chat where we not only can communicate but we can see each other. The smiles of my children are all that is needed by Eileen and me to assure us that they are well.

Then, yesterday evening another Zoom Meeting was held between my friends who were former co-workers at one of the colleges where I served and me. Although it is like looking at an old Hollywood Squares TV show or the opening to the Brady Bunch, Zoom provides the closeness that is hard to replicate in a phone call or text or post.

Technology is keeping me sane in a crazy world.

I never would have thought that back in the 70s.

Not only is technology keeping me sane, but it is also going to provide the cure that we so desperately need to kill this damn virus.

Technology will save our lives. And no ambivalence or ambiguity can survive that.

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