Things To Do

First of all, thank God for iTunes, Netflix, Prime Video, and Acorn.

I guess we could all read books too, but it’s nice knowing we have video alternatives. I have a nice collection of recent Yankee World Series wins as well as a collection of the New York Rangers Stanley Cup run in 1994. Of course, YouTube is always there to provide us what we don’t already own.

On a more serious note, I just did a TP review, and I think we are fine. I would guess we have over 20 rolls, so we won’t be having to wait on a Costco line for that. We also have water.

Quite frankly, the run on TP (if I can use that expression) and water is a bit confusing. From what I have heard and read, I did not think that frequent bathroom trips or thirst were high on the symptoms list of Corona. Nevertheless, some people must have heard differently.

My only clinical suggestion to survive our current ordeal is to stay away from cable news and broadcast TV. If you have to watch cable TV, try the cooking shows.

If you are lucky enough to still own your vinyl LPs, listening to them will rekindle happier times when you had a real need for binge buying and eating. A little Jethro Tull and the Moody Blues will restore the state of optimism that sustained you throughout the 1970s. You may also want to set your black and white TV to a non-broadcast channel while listening to the soundtrack of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Those little specks of light twinkling on the black screen are actually cosmic noise originating at the Big Bang.

Oh, for a bottle of Bali Hai!

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