Addition Through Deletion

I have been off Facebook for a while. I also got off Twitter but have since returned. Primarily I abandoned social media because it was anything but.

Now, as I mentioned, I have come back to Twitter, but I have overcome the Kryptonite of hate-inspired tweets by using my Superpower of Deletion.

Well, on Twitter, you delete by blocking.

Facebook offers a similar strategy for combating the inane and annoying. You simply De-Friend the offender.

Recently I have visited Facebook once again, and while I haven’t had the need to de-friend just ye,t I have taken to the lesser superpower of ignoring the inane and annoying.

It’s like keeping Fox News (or if you prefer MSNBC) off your favorite channel list but requiring a more satisfying effort to send the miscreant to the phantom zone of the etherworld.

So, my advice to anyone who has suffered the pain and anguish of stupid posts and tweets is to delete, ban, block, de-friend. Banish them to Bogey Land.

Such an action was anticipated in the US Constitution. Free Speech is indeed a marvelous gift that the Founding Fathers provided, but along with the right to speak freely comes the equally powerful right to ignore.

So, as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison might be opining today, when in the course of human events, you are subjected to the inane and annoying, delete, de-friend, block.

It is our right. It is our privilege. It is our duty.

One last thing, feel free to delete, de-friend, or otherwise block me.

That’s your right too.

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