It’s Seems It’s Really Not That Hard To Make Nixon Look Good

More than forty years ago, when we had a Republican President who obstructed justice, there were members of the Republican Party who were die-hard Nixon supporters. Nevertheless, they convinced him to step down when impeachment was an eventual reality.

These Republicans stood up for their own party by telling their leader to step down.

Today’s Republicans would be unrecognizable to the likes of John Rhodes, Hugh Scott, and Barry Goldwater. They were no liberals in Republican pinstripe suits. They were hard-line Republicans that put Lindsay Graham and Mitt Romney to shame.

Now, I don’t expect anything more from this group of Republicans; we know what they are. They are willing to abandon ideals in order to keep the president happy, in order to keep his supporters happy, in order to get re-elected.

But, to claim that the Democrats have presented an incomplete case is obscene as their president, their ideal, their party leader, has ensured that no evidence is forthcoming from the White House. You would think that an innocent man would demand that the evidence be provided.

No exoneration for Trump.

And it is also funny to hear Republicans attack the FBI, which is responsible for Trump’s election in the first place.

Forget about knowing history; these guys think we don’t know what happened last week.


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