The Great Equalizer

There is such an ado about obtaining tax returns and other documents from Trump and his White House. I think this is being short-sighted. I think Congress should get his DNA.

At a family reunion this past weekend, one of my cousins had a map of the McHugh Diaspora. I made that term up. McHugh is my mother’s family name and the origination of the McHugh DNA was in central Africa. Well, East Central Africa.

Immediately upon seeing the arc of travel of my DNA, I said that this was the great equalizer. The McHughs are not alone in having their history begin in Africa. We probably all can call Africa our original home.

How terrific if we could all remember this fact when haters spew out their bigotry and bias. What more do we need to consider to illustrate that there is more that we share than what drives us apart?

A couple of bits of genetic material may not seem powerful enough to overturn centuries of racism and xenophobia but even if creates a nagging sensation in your head when you say something stupid about a group of people you have designated worthy of your wrath, then perhaps that little speck of DNA will prove too strong to ignore.

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