God Bless Daylight Savings Time.

As if we don’t have enough to annoy us, there is a new debate going on regarding DST.

A few weeks ago I read about a bill in Congress, supported by one of our Florida Senators, that would permanently establish DST as the time of the land.

Then, more recently, I have read that DST should be permanently abolished.

There are reasons proffered for both points of view on DST.

The little boy in me favors DST.

The joy that you felt as a kid in the Bronx when spring rolled around, and you could go out after dinner because it was still light is something that never leaves you. Stoop ball and box ball and any number of Bronx activities could be enjoyed into the wee hours of 7:00 pm.

It was the vernal equinox equivalent of Christmas with time as the ultimate gift.

Even in my late sixties, the thought of eliminating that special time from my experience is not acceptable. It is no bargain to make DST the permanent time either as it is the change, the transformation, that gives the joy to DST.

I don’t even mind returning to EST as it is good to go dark in the fall. It gets cold so why shouldn’t it get dark too?

It reminds you that Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas are all just around the corner. When it’s cold, you are looking for an excuse to go inside not play ringolevio in the frigid tundra of Leland Avenue. The darkness only excuses your presence from the outside.

The darkness also enhances the coming of spring and DST.

And so, God Bless Daylight Savings Time!

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