Eighty-Six Years Of Socialism

Eighty-six years ago today, March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took the oath of office for the first of four times.

At that time the terms of President and Vice President began on March 4th. Because of the deepening of the Great Depression after the election of 1932, it was deemed that waiting to install a new President until March was no longer acceptable. Therefore, the twentieth amendment was passed and ratified, and the date was changed to January 20th.

We suffered a great recession in 2008 but as devastating as that economic disaster was it was nothing compared to the Great Depression. There were no Hoovervilles, people living in tents because they had been evicted. There were no long lines of people waiting in the cold to get a bowl of soup.

To be sure millions did suffer. Many lost their jobs. Many lost their homes. But for most of us, we carried on working and living and even enjoying life. You may not have checked your retirement account as often as it took a big hit, but you probably survived and recouped your losses in time.

Thanks to the socialist programs and ideas that have been embedded in our society since that day in March of 1933, we are able to survive economic catastrophe.

We have unemployment insurance, we have Medicare and Medicaid. We have Social Security and Social Security Income and Disability Insurance. Our savings accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

FDR brought this country back from economic ruin because he was not afraid of creating programs for poor people. Poor people were not the enemy of the people, poverty was.

Republicans like Herbert Hoover, the outgoing President in 1933, were stuck in the nineteenth century and loved their laissez-faire and didn’t want to interfere in the market place. The Republicans of that time were not evil, they were merely wrong. Hoover was a good man and, up until the crash, a good President. But we needed FDR to turn the country around, and he did it with programs that many call socialist and that many Republicans today want to dismantle. These Republicans are evil.

They want a small government, and they want to reduce federal spending all the while they represent states that take more federal money than they give back. Hey Mitch! You want small government? Resign today and give up one seat for Kentucky.

We are a socialist country and thank God we are. How else could people retire? You know Republicans in office may want to work and keep on the government dole until they die, but I don’t. Medicare and Social Security made it possible for me to retire.

If there are people out there who disagree with socialism, don’t apply for Medicare and refuse to collect Social Security.

Let the capitalists take care of you. I am sure that corporate America will provide for you in your old age. Maybe they will redefine Corporate Welfare?


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