Et Tu?

The presidential campaign for Howard Schultz-Bucks got a big boost from Democrat contenders, Warren and Gillibrand.

In the wake of the revelations regarding Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam for appearing-not appearing, admitting it was he-not admitting it was he in a med school yearbook in blackface or wearing a klan outfit, a new allegation against the would be next in line to be Virginia’s governor, Justin Fairfax regarding sexual assault fifteen years ago.

Unlike when Al Franken was accused of sexual assault, and more recently when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault during his confirmation hearing, both Warren and Gillibrand called for each to resign.

Now, they appear to have lost their Me-Too voice.

It’s a terrible thing when you throw stones at windmills. You can’t be selective as to which windmill you stone. You can’t be against injustice in certain instances.

There was a time when candidates could get away with their inconsistencies. Lincoln may have been the last President to enjoy time to change his mind without having to eat his words.

Radio and television made prevarication hard to ingore or escape.

Add Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, well, let’s just say, candidates who misspeak, misremember, or just out and out lie are better off confessing, “mea culpa, please forgive me, and I’ll never do it again.”

When I was caught throwing chairs off a boat on a high school trip to Rye Beach Playland, that’s what I did. Brother Kevin was merciful but kept a close watch on my behavior until I graduated.

As to the sexual assault charge?

Unfortunately, men of power do the types of things of which these three men have been accused.   The timing of the accusation compared to the time when the assault took place should have no bearing on determining the credibility of the charge.

How you assess the credibility of the charge?

That’s the question we all have to consider.

The one lesson we should have learned is that political affiliation, race, gender, and sexual orientation should not determine credibility.

It would be wise for Democrats to remember that.



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