Roger Over And Out

The ongoing saga of the Mueller investigation and the ultimate removal of the 45th President continues. In fact, it had almost been a forgotten tweet or cable news bulletin (remember when bulletins interrupted normal television transmissions, you know when something significant happened?).

Instead of harping on the dysfunctional first family and the presidency that refused to quit, we have focused our attention on federal workers who have not been paid in a month. These are workers of the federal government of the United States Of American, and we have seen fit to send them to soup kitchens and to beg mercy to the Henry F. Potters of the various Bedford Falls of America.

Yesterday, the Secretary of Commerce could not understand how a worker who had not gotten paid in a month had to resort to going to a soup kitchen. I thought it was bad back in the day when senior Bush didn’t know how much a quart of milk cost.

It just goes to show you that we should have a financial threshold beyond which no billionaire should be eligible for public office.

America would be a better place without such wealth telling us how to live.

When you think of the people, who saw in Trump a champion of their values and someone who would restore their status as respected and important Americans. How must they feel when they read about or see on Fox News how one after one of Trump’s men gets indicted for lying.

Do they not feel betrayed by the likes of wealthy men lying to protect a felon? Do they not feel betrayed by a man they trusted to protect them?

Will Trump’s wall protect his supporters from Russian missiles and American retreat from its role as protector of the free world?

Back in the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, we may have hidden our heads in our school desks, but we didn’t bury them in the sand.

We may have protested a war that we saw as unjust and unnecessary, but we didn’t kiss Putin’s ass.

So Roger Stone has been indicted. It’s another shoe of endless shoes dropping and about to drop. The only thing that worries me is that, if we don’t get rid of the born again bigot vice president, will getting rid of Trump be a good thing?

Something about that devil you know, you know?

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