An NFL Pro Bowl Without The Dancing

I had the misfortune of watching 30 seconds of the Pro Bowl on Sunday. I opted to watch something else after one play. The quarterback threw a little dump pass to a running back and after gaining four yards the receiver was quickly boss nova’d to the sideline.

He wasn’t tackled. He was do si doed.

It was football at its most pathetic worst.

Unlike baseball where the All Star game can pretty much be played as a regular baseball game where defensive plays can be made and home runs can be hit, the NFL Pro Bowl cannot.

The players in the NFL Pro Bowl are the league’s best and most exciting players and we do not want them to get hurt in a meaningless game. So, we, therefore, accept that the game will resemble a church social more than a football game. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I thought of the alternative while watching the Grammy’s later that evening.

Why not select the same players and display them in all their skill and glory?

Put together a fifteen minute highlight reel of all their fantastic plays of the season and then call them out and give them a statuette?

It certainly would be more entertaining than watching an inept display of football.

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1 Response to An NFL Pro Bowl Without The Dancing

  1. James J. Rooney says:

    Rozelle is turning over in his grave !


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