Shit-Hole In The White House

I was watching an old episode of Taxi the other day and heard a great line from Louie.

In this scene, Reverend Jim and Tony’s sister played by Rhoda’s sister were humming a song. At which point Louie came out of his cage and uttered:

“I never thought I would have to make this a rule, but NO MORE VIVALDI IN THE GARAGE!”

I also heard the other day that we are soon to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Clinton’s impeachment which came about largely because he lied about having oral sex in the oval office with an intern.

So, I thought, maybe we should have some rules for the White House?

Rule number 1: No oral sex in the Oval Office. That should be off limits as it is our Oval Office. Go to the residency or get a room!

Now, after hearing what has been alleged about our current occupant of the Oval Office, here comes a second rule.

Rule number 2: No use of the term “shit-hole” in the Oval Office. It seems reasonable to me.

You will note that I hyphenated the offending term. I couldn’t decide if it was one or two words so I settled on a compromise. Doing so I wondered about George Carlin.

Carlin must be rolling over in his grave at the thought that one of his seven dirty words has not only been said on TV but it has appeared in print on the crawl bar underneath the news anchors repeating and repeating it.

A couple of newscasters were so incapable of saying it that they either said asshole (thinking that was less offensive presumably) or only said the complete phrase once leaving out the “shit” on following utterances.

When the president said shit-hole, he was, of course, referring to countries that politically incorrect people refer to as Third World Countries while those in the politically correct column refer to them as Developing Countries.

Regardless of which term you prefer, I think we can all agree that “shit-hole” is unacceptable, if only for diplomatic reasons.

Here’s hoping no additional rules will have to be forthcoming.

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