Seventy-Six Years

I am not sure if today’s anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor is as important a day as it used to be. It certainly should be.

The fall of civilization was ultimately prevented because Japan sucker punched us into World War II. As we were in World War I, the Great War, we were late to the dance but helped the Allied powers to defeat Germany and Japan and, thereby, save civilization.

Back on the eve of Pearl Harbor this country was looking to keep out of foreign entanglements and make America First. Ironically, the war and aftermath achieved the very goal that the Isolationists desired. America was, indeed, first and would be the leader of the free world in its quest to defend Civilization.

As colleges are under siege to educate students to enter the business world, History and the liberal arts have become the step child of academia. That’s something to consider today as we try to remember our past and the brave men and women who helped secure our future.



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