Franken-Sense And Gold

I am guessing that before anyone reads this entry of The Newell Post another high profile man will be accused of sexual assault/harassment.

There was a time, when I was not working in higher education, that I worked for a guy who used to love using a quote from another moron. He would proclaim proudly, “I live by the Golden Rule, I have the gold and I make the rules.”

I used to laugh to myself ( I needed the paycheck so I didn’t laugh out loud) every time he said it. The sad truth was that he lived his life in this belief. Evidently he is not the only man to do so.

That is what all these men accused of sex crimes share. They are under the mistaken belief that they operate on another plane, above all morality and decency, from the rest of us. In their world there are no rules that they obey unless they are of their making.

These deviants use their position and power and celebrity to coerce women and abuse women because they can. They see someone they want to dominate and maybe humiliate—-put them in their place so to speak—and they act accordingly.

There are of course, hundreds and hundreds of other shoes about to drop and it’s not only Hollywood and Washington that fear the fall. Anywhere there are men of power working with women in a male dominated environment there have been abuses of that power at the detriment of women.

It is hoped that these men who have hurt women are approaching their day of reckoning even if it hurts the organization in which they operate.

Roy Moore and Al Franken should teach us something we may have lost sight of. Neither represent the proclaimed values of the political party to which  they belong. Going after these men is indeed not a witch hunt. It is, however, an exorcism to cast out evil no matter where it exists.

This disease is not limited to any political party, religion, or event to the United States but it is time that it be eradicated here now.

Let’s hope we get this fixed and soon.

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1 Response to Franken-Sense And Gold

  1. Susan Wylock says:

    Well said. Behaving like a gentleman never gets old.

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