The poor excuse we have for our national government is once again trying to fix the problems associated with Obamacare by destroying it at any cost. Well, not just any cost. The cost will be the lost benefits by our nations poorest.

That would be bad enough if Congress had the integrity to put forth their plan in the light of day and have it subjected to the scrutiny that a bill affecting one sixth of our economy deserves.

I am really surprised that Congress refuses to hold hearings and present evidence that will hold up to close inspection. I mean, look at what they did during that terrible epidemic affecting baseball.

These legislative loons were more concerned with exposing the use of steroids by baseball players than they seem to be interested in holding hearings on health insurance.

Wouldn’t you just love to hear some of the witnesses  confess that they didn’t want to talk about the Republican health plan just like some of the baseball players avoided talking about steroids? Back a few years ago Congress was more interested in “fixing” the problem of steroids than say, fixing the tax code or infrastructure.

Now, Congress wants to “fix” health care but doesn’t want anyone to know just how they plan to do it or how their plan will really work and who will be the winners and who will lose.

Look, I’ll accept that Obamacare needs fixing (but I would like to hear just exactly how, with evidence and proof, Obamacare is failing) and it might be a good idea to put forth a plan to do so but the Republicans are too interested in scrapping Obamacare just as they would love to scrap Social Security because both are Democrat inventions.

I think the first way to cut the cost of health care is to make the Secretary of Health pay for his own transportation.

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