The Cure For Big Government

I subscribe to the Republican notion that our federal government is too big. Unlike Republicans, however, I have the cure.

The next hypocrite, who happens to earn a paycheck, as well as a hefty health insurance package and argues for a reduction in big government, should resign and reduce the size of government by one.

Paul Ryan and Rand Paul should be the first to go. Then, the Donald. Mike Pence? Yeah, let him and Lindsay Graham fight to get out the door first. All these so called small government lovers should live up to their convictions and make government smaller.

Let them return to the market place on which they so confidently rely to take care of the poor and those lacking health insurance.

On another note, if Trump is so hot to get into a fight, how about he orders an invasion of   Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico?

Much of these states and Commonwealth are war zones in need of massive relief and rebuilding. How about we just wage war on the wastelands created by Harvey, Irma, and Maria rather than looking to inflict a man made wasteland on North Korea?

Just ask the survivors of Katrina and Sandy if our government is too big. I’m thinking they would have preferred an increase in government spending in order to recover the devastation they endured. With the three new states and Commonwealth in such dire straits, is it reasonable to cut the tax liability of those who can afford to help bail out these people?

No living person should be small enough to fail, too small to bail out regardless of how big a government is acceptable to you.

When your house is on fire you’re not going to quibble about tax rates.

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