Tweet(le) Trump

Somebody, please take the phone away from the President! It’s bad enough living in a country that would elect such a moron ( I apologize to all the morons for that) but to have him boast our stupidity to the world just makes it worse.

I have tried to be silent. I have stayed off Facebook because I just couldn’t read all the nonsense that some have posted over the last year. It used to be a nice way to keep in touch with family and friends separated by distance but now I see Facebook as a source of annoyance.

If only our President viewed Twitter in the same light!

Calling out the Mayor of London after the most recent terrorist attack in London and misquoting him in the process should spur even Steve Bannon to rip the phone out of Trump’s hand. But then again, Bannon is the architect of this dismal regime.

By the way, has anyone heard from Paul Ryan? I think a search committee should be formed and a manhunt organized ASAP. His poor family must be out of their minds in worry.

I blamed Hillary for not slapping Trump’s face during one of the debates and walking off the stage. I think she would have won had she done that. It’s too bad that none of the Republican candidates could man up to smack this bully down.

Someone pointed out something during Trump’s Excellent Adventure Abroad. Next time you see Millenium ( I like to call her that) and Trump coming down from Air Force 1, take a look at her face. She cringes as he touches her. No wonder she lives in New York.


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2 Responses to Tweet(le) Trump

  1. Susan E. Wylock says:

    Thank you for saying what needs to be said!

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