Our Cake and Eat It Too?

Every time I hear “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” I reply, “Then what do we do with this cake?”

Of course we can have our cake and eat it to. We just may have to settle for a smaller slice is all. This should be easy for us all to accept, well maybe Rep. Akin will have some difficulty but then he can just squeeze away and voila! No more cake.

 Would that we all had this physiological capability, to make things disappear. I really could have used this Physiological Delete Button or as I like to call it “PDB” when I was listening to the Jet game while I was driving home from the Yankee game Saturday night. How great would it be to be able to delete unpleasant memories or events and their effects? It is certainly an ability that R hopes we have.

I mean all the campaign funds in the world wont be as effective in modifying our collective memories as the PDB. Hopefully for R, we will forget that we actually had a surplus of tax dollars before W set out looking for WMDs in the wrong country. It will, of course,  be useful for us to forget that the financial mess that has been lingering for five years actually started the year before O was elected. But then O has some use for the PDB, too.

After all, O swept us all off our feet with his suave demeanor and Clintonesque rhetoric. I am a sucker for a good speech but even I am getting a little bit suspicious of these guys who just  talk a good game. I mean come on do something. Electrify us with ideas not just words. O had every opportunity to propose job programs and to set lofty goals that just might have caught on but instead we have Obama Care and no one is really sure what that will mean for any of us.


O cannot even take on the NRA even after the terrible acts of violence that have stunned us all to sleep while would be gun enthusiasts buy six thousand rounds online. But then R hasn’t said that much either.


R does have a great smile, though, doesn’t he? I laugh when I hear women (you know who you are) say that R is good looking. He looks like an alien, not the undocumented variety but the HG Wells, Alien Nation type. He really creeps me out and once he actually comes out with a plan I will then consider his politics but for now I guess we have to just listen to Rep Ryan Rage Against the Constitutional Machine to know what the issues are.

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