Random Musings

As a kid I used to hate this time of year. It was still summer and I was still on vacation but you knew it was going fast and, before long, you would be going back to school. I used to really hate the first few days of school because school had that hot, musty, new-books smell. I am getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

It was always around this time that you would start to hear the Robert Hall jingle, “School bells ring and, children sing. It’s back to Robert Hall again” and so on. It was on TV and every radio station. It was the 50’s version of Staples playing “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, “except I never laughed at the Robert Hall ad.

Now I hate how it has already started to get darker early. I am barely home from work and the sun has already set. Ok, I do get home late but still, taking an outdoor shower at twilight isn’t that nice. Just another reminder of the waning of summertime. There was a time when I didn’t mind going back to school, though.

When I was a teacher I was ready to go back to school right after the Fourth of July weekend. Teaching at St. Vito’s was a terrific experience and I hated when school was out of session. Ok, I might have missed the after school sessions at the Ground Round but I missed teaching too. Back then the first day of the school year was New Year’s Day. I might have said Happy New Year to my kids but who remembers?

Perhaps the worse thing about this time of year is knowing that the election is coming and that means we will be bombarded with bellowing, billowing, bombastic bullshit from both the left and the right. I really hope they don’t over do it with the lies and threats and predictions of doom and gloom if the other guy wins. I’m done with both of them.

Yesterday I was reading about O and how he has an issue with not being able to show gratitude and appreciation to campaign workers. It’s even a problem for him to thank donors. Is this guy a child of the Entitlement Generation? Then you have R who supports For Profit colleges because they are on his donor list but he doesn’t mention that these same colleges are ripping off our Vets as well as other students. So, I haven’t a clue as to whom I will vote for.

But just as the Lord Taketh, He also Giveth because just as the summer starts to end, professional football starts to begin. What better way to end your days of summer fun than by reading about the New York Jets beating the crap out of each other? I mean, that’s how you get to the Super Bowl isn’t it? The Jets may not have two guys that can catch a pass but they can duke it out with the best of ‘em. I wonder where Tebow was when the fracas broke out?

The baseball playoffs will also be coming up and, though, the Yankees have not been playing all that well, I still have high hopes that we will once again vie for another World Series title. The Autumn Classic! I always thought that was a Bronx Entitlement Program.

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