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There have been a couple of news items that have caught my eye over the last few weeks. Now, I am trying to be positive and uplifting with my blog but sometimes it just gets too hard. This is one of those times.It seems that the administration of a high school in Brooklyn thought it was a good idea to hand out condoms at the senior prom. Then we have the NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, taking on super sized sodas as the latest culprit in his effort to make New Yorkers leaner, if not meaner. So, I’m thinking that a kid going to the Bed Stuy senior prom can get all the condoms he wants but he can’t get a big gulp Dr Pepper. Ok.

Next up, the Catholic Church. It seems that a nun who is on staff at the Yale School of Divinity came out with a treatise on sexuality and the Church. She wrote this a few years back and, while I have not read it, she makes the case that good Catholics can still live a sexually fulfilling life. I won’t go into the details but she certainly did and the Bishops got their cinctures in a twist over it and the vatican last week denounced her and her book. Seems a bit harsh since I do not think she mentioned any of their actions in the book.

This is not the first time that nuns have been in trouble with the Vatican which only proves to me that they are the strength of the Church and maybe it is time that we have a woman Pope? I’m just saying.

On the lighter side, the Yankees swept the Mets this weekend so all the Met fans must be a little upset. The truth is it really doesn’t matter any more. Both teams would be better off beating the teams in their division than worrying about beating each other. In fact, this week the Mets can help the Yankees as they help the Mets. While the Mets are playing the Tampa Bay Rays, the Yankees will be playing the Atlanta Braves. Both Yankee and Met fans should be rooting for their crosstown rivals all week long.

Hockey ended when the Rangers lost to the Devils and nobody really cares that LA may or may not win the Stanley Cup. Their may be a NBA game or two coming up but I honestly couldn’t care less. I’d just as soon watch the French Open and I would certainly prefer watching NASCAR. I think that comes from going to Florida all the time.

The last thing has to do with Washington, not the Nationals unfortunately. It seems there has been some kind of an intelligence leak that the President is denying was on purpose, or that’s as much as I cared to learn about. I think it is preposterous to think that intelligence could leak out of Washington. There is NO intelligence there to begin with for crying out loud.

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