The Elephant In The Cell?

It’s Saturday morning, and it’s April Fools Day.

During these somewhat chaotic times, abstaining from the usual April Fools Day pranks is probably a good idea.

If I’m honest, I can’t even conjure up a credible prank, so I will relate one prank from April Fools Day Past.

This particular April Fools Day morning, I was getting ready to leave our home in East Quogue and head out to Speonk for the 6:21 train to New York. I had started taking a vitamin tablet in the morning, and as I ran the cold water to wash my vitamin down, I was soaked by the kitchen sink hose.

Someone, you see, had taken a rubber band to ensure that the hose would be on when someone ran the water.

The first someone was Eileen, and the second was, of course, me.

I was going to fix her goose, though, and I left the hose as it was so that it would get her when she did as I did and ran the water.

Sadly I had forgotten what I had done or, in this case, not undone.

I came home at the usual time, about 8:15, and for some reason, ran the water in the kitchen sink.

I soaked myself again for the second time in a little more than twelve hours!

My disdain for April Fool’s pranks has not waned since that moment.

However, I am guessing the title of this blog has served as a mild acquiescence to the tradition of April Fool’s pranks, as I am sure you were expecting an entirely different post.

Oh well.

APRIL FOOLS (as they say)!

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  1. Eileen Newell says:

    Very cute, well said

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