Saturday Morning Musings

A short collection of ironic observations for my Saturday coffee.

I live in a state where I won’t need a permit to carry an assault rifle, but I’ll need a license to write a blog about the governor.

E Pluribus Unum…those were the days.

Remember when Democrats were called out for being soft on defending the country against the Russians?

Where’s Seinfeld when you need him? And, for that matter, George Carlin?
A little laughter is what we need.

For those who think crime is getting out of hand in America, watch some BBC mysteries on PBS, Prime, Brit Box, and Acorn. Every small village in England has a murder rate that would set your hair on fire.

Still, watching these channels sure beats watching American TV.

We need a revival of 60s and 70s music. I mean, Where HAVE all the flowers gone?

It’s interesting that when we go to our Club restaurant, they pipe in 60s and 70s music which I always presumed was because most of us are in our 60s and 70s. Lately, they have added a few songs from the 80s.

Those days are coming all too fast.

Well, the noon hour is fast approaching, and so Saturday Morning Musings has reached the end.

Have a great Saturday everyone1

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