Surviving America

I feel more angst about this Election Day than any in recent memory. Even the Election of 2020 was not nearly as disturbing as 2022 is threatening to be.

The hatred and vitriol exhibited by both sides are nothing new, but after 2020 armed resistance and extremist violence are a real possibility.

We’ve seen it before

Even though there are those, who deny the occurrence of the attack on the Capitol building just as they doubt the legitimacy of the election, many of us will go to the polls to vote as if it will matter.

For me, there will be no peace coming out of this election. It will either be denied and result in more lies and, perhaps, more violence, or we will have a bloodless coup as democratic institutions fall under attack as Congress changes hands.

Regardless of what party wins, I will continue to have faith.

I surprise myself by writing that, but we are a nation of survivors.

You only have to look at the recent past (historically speaking) of our nation to understand this.

We only have to consider the following: The Great Depression; World War II; McCarthyism; the Cold War including the Cuban Missile Crisis; the assassination of President Kennedy; Viet Nam and the ensuing divisiveness it inspired; the assassination of Martin Luther King; the assassination of Bobby Kennedy; Watergate; September 11th; and the last six years of political mayhem.

America survived it all, and we will continue to survive whatever Tuesday, November 8th may deliver.

Pray God that I am right.

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4 Responses to Surviving America

  1. James J. Rooney says:

    I was listening to WPBX this afternoon on my drive to Riverhead and as I was passing mostly Zeldin Save our State signs I was pissed that those signs were there. At the red light Joanie Mitchell came on singing about life in Paris and all the while reminiscing about life back in the states. I was transported for a while.

    All we can do is try.

    All we can do is bring up our kids right.

    All we can do is HOPE.

    When all else fails, there is always Canada….another Joanie Mithcell song

    BTW today is her birthday, born in 1943.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. RICHARD Kenneth GREEN says:

    I really hope you are right.
    From over here in the UK,it all looks a bit serious for the future of democracy as we know it.
    So many lies and deceit,and worse still Folk who believe it.
    I pray for you too.

    • section6rowh says:

      It is scary. It’s amazing and alarming how one man can cause such turmoil. But the shocking ignorance of history provided his ascension to power. Knowing we have friends abroad who worry with us is reassuring.

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