Last Of The Summer Ale

As we approach the last full week of summer, change is already in the air.

It’s been quite an eventful summer in which the world lost a beloved Queen ( I wonder what our so-called beloved Founding Fathers would say to America’s reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth II?)

Then, of course, America has its own drama unfolding every few minutes on our HD televisions (Again, what would the Founding Fathers say to that?)

But I chose to ignore the drama of the day to dwell on the Last Of The Summer Ale.

The changing of the seasons is as much symbolized by the changing of the food that is available for which we are now ravenous to enjoy as the cooler weather and darker days.

The lure of the barbecue no longer appeals to us as the prospect of fall comfort foods admittedly too dense for our summer palates.

Of course, we can include our choice of beverages in this mix.

Light wines give way to hearty reds. Gin and tonics cannot compete with a whiskey on the rocks. So, too, is our taste regarding beer.

Lager and pilsners no longer intrigue us as much as a malty stout or hoppy IPA.

The summer ale that I so enjoy as early as Memorial Day (previously dubbed the official start of summer), I regrettably savor the coming of a cinnamony pumpkin ale at the expense of my beloved summer ale..

A delicious brew sipping right out of the bottle is even better in a glass rimmed with brown sugar and cinnamon.


Tale gating and pumpkin ale!

America’s favorite pastime, well, mine, even if the tale gating occurs in my den while watching the NFL Redzone.

Of course, the ebb of summer ale can only serve as a warning that the demise of the pumpkin ale is nigh.

Before I drain the first bottle of this fall libation, I will be thinking of Christmas and Winter Ales approach.

To think that people once drank the same beer all year long?


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